Monday, February 4, 2013

First walk with all 3 kids!

 Walk to McDonald's

This was the first time I took all three kids on a walk to McDonald's. Here the kids are at the start of the walk. They insisted on walking and not riding in the stroller.

It was a little cool out so here Ellie is all bundled up. I swaddled her in a blanket and then put another blanket on top. And added the hat for more warmth. She loved it and slept the whole time!

About 10 minutes into the walk, this is what the stroller looked like. Emma is on top, straddling her legs between Ellie. Talmage is in the bottom, where the diaper bag is supposed to go. We just made a triple stroller out of a single one. That's what moms do!

First Time Playing

Emma & Ellie

Emma just had to join in on the fun! 
Love these pretty girlies!