Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ice Cream

October 25, 2011
Ice Cream with Grandma

We picked up Talmage from preschool the other day and headed out for ice cream with Grandma.

Potato Heads

October 25, 2011

Talmage and Emma have loved playing together lately.  Now that Emma is older and crawling around like crazy, she can finally play with brother.  All day long Talmage says, "Emma play, Emma play" whenever I'm holding or feeding her.  He always wants her to play!  I love it!  Here are some pictures of them playing potato heads together.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


October 23, 2011

Emma is so photogenic.  She smiles and poses whenever I take out the camera.  I love it!  It seems like she is getting prettier everyday.  Sometimes I just can't believe that she's mine!  I feel so lucky to be her mommy and be able to see her grow and learn.  Her personality is so cute.  She's very friendly and loves to smile at long as their not holding her!  She's still a major momma's girl!  Also, she loves to talk and babble all the time.  Da da da da and daddy are her favorites!  Go figure...she's a momma's girl but says da-da all day long!  I'm still waiting for her to say ma-ma.  Oh yes, and she loves to wave!  She says "hi" and waves all the time.  Talmage wasn't a big waver hardly at all.  So this is so fun!  And, she's already a dancer!   If there's music, she's dancin!  Sometimes she even dances without music.  It is the cutest thing!  I'll post a video soon of her dancing.  She is just so fun and I'm loving every minute of it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snack Time

October 22, 2011

Emma has started eating a lot of finger foods, in addition to her baby food jars.  She was so happy and just looked so cute, I had to capture the moment.


October 19, 2011

While I was preparing dinner, Emma and Talmage were off playing.  I heard some water splashing and the toilet flush.  I assumed that Talmage had gone potty and was washing his hands.  It wasn't until we sat down for dinner that we realized what had happened.  As you can see, he gave himself a swirly! 

Fear has a New Face

October 19, 2011
During Jacob's lunch we went to the Spirit store and Talmage got really spooked. After we left, Jacob thought he would have a little fun with this and said that something scary was outside the car. As you can see we couldn't miss this on camera. Here are some pictures of genuine fear.




Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pictures of my babies

October 16, 2011

10 months old



Halloween Cupcakes

October 14, 2011
Talmage making Halloween cupcakes at Bou's house

Talmage & Bou with their finished cupcakes!

Bou trying to kiss Talmage while he tries to escape.

10 months old

October 12, 2011
Emma Maren: 10 months old
17 lbs 3 oz

It is honestly hard to believe that Emma is 10 months old.  She seems to be growing up faster than Talmage did when he was a baby.  She is still so tiny and petite that it feels like she is only 6 months old.  Also, she's such a momma's girl.  I've been able to keep nursing her too.  I love the bonding time I have with her.  It's precious because in 2 short months, she'll be ONE and I won't be nursing anymore.  Emma is such a joy to have in our family.  Now that she's mobile and crawling, she's able to play a lot more with brother.  They've become best buds and as a mother, it's one of the best feelings in the world.  I feel so lucky and so blessed to be the mother of such a sweet, beautiful, innocent and pure little girl. 

Unfortunately, Emma has been sick.  To celebrate turning 10 months, I decided it was time I take her to the doctor to get her feeling better.  She'd been having a fever, cough, runny nose and pulling on her ear.  Her fever had been going on for about a week and I knew something was up.  Talmage had also been sick and eventually his virus led him to develop an ear infection.  Sure enough, Emma had an ear BOTH ears!  My poor baby.  She also had a virus.  This included a runny nose and really, really bad cough.  She'd been wheezing and struggling to breathe at times.  We were able to take home a breathing machine, get her antibiotic and her medication for her breathing treatments.  I'm so grateful for insurance, mother intuitions, skilled doctors and medication.  Emma is on the road to recovery and hopefully should be feeling better soon!

AND..... Emma finally got teeth!!  I think it was Saturday, September 24 that her two bottom teeth broke through her gums.  They still haven't fully come in all the way yet but they are getting there.  Since I'm still nursing, I'm soooo grateful that her teeth didn't come until 9 1/2 months! 

Water Fountain

October 8, 2011
Tempe Marketplace: Water Fountain

Here are just a couple pictures of Emma and Talmage at the mall.  Jacob wanted to see Emma's reaction to the water from the fountain.  She wasn't exactly thrilled but she looked so cute.  I just had to take a picture.  Oh yes, and Talmage walked away with a shiny quarter...


September 28, 2011
Emma's 1st Playtime

When Talmage was crawling, I found a really fun play place inside McDonald's that was perfect for little ones  both crawling and walking.  It was fun for babies and toddlers.  The other day, while out with my mom, I remembered about this place and thought Emma could also be able to play with brother too.  Sure enough, she loved it.  It was very clean too and very few kids which was awesome!  Talmage and Emma had a blast!  This is Emma's very 1st time playing!  Talmage was very protective of his sister and always stayed by her.  When another kid would run by her, Talmage would say, "No. Baby."  He is such a good big brother and I love watching him show love to his sister.

I asked Talmage to take a picture of Emma and I. Pretty good I'd say!

She loved crawling in the tunnel!


Superheroes at Target

September 24, 2011
Marvel Superheroes

We were at Talmage's favorite place in the world...Target, in the toy section.  We came across these really cool Marvel superhero masks.  So, of course, Talmage had to try all of them on AND get a picture.  It was so cute!  He ended up keeping the Thor helmet and hammer on the rest of the time while we shopped.  

Captain America