Sunday, October 16, 2011


September 28, 2011
Emma's 1st Playtime

When Talmage was crawling, I found a really fun play place inside McDonald's that was perfect for little ones  both crawling and walking.  It was fun for babies and toddlers.  The other day, while out with my mom, I remembered about this place and thought Emma could also be able to play with brother too.  Sure enough, she loved it.  It was very clean too and very few kids which was awesome!  Talmage and Emma had a blast!  This is Emma's very 1st time playing!  Talmage was very protective of his sister and always stayed by her.  When another kid would run by her, Talmage would say, "No. Baby."  He is such a good big brother and I love watching him show love to his sister.

I asked Talmage to take a picture of Emma and I. Pretty good I'd say!

She loved crawling in the tunnel!


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