Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meet the Teacher: Kindergarten

Legacy Traditional Academy
Mrs. Arellano
July 30, 2013
Meet the Teacher


Lego Kids Fest

July 13, 2013
Lego Kids Fest

GIANT pile of Lego!
(more pictures to come)

7 months old

July 12, 2013
Ellie is 7 months

We just keep falling more and more in love with this gorgeous girl every day! She is so happy and full of personality! The kids love to make her smile, giggle, and scream! 
You can tell she loves her brother and sister. 

She falls asleep on her own for naps and at night. Most nights, she wakes up once but lately, she's been crying and then falling back to sleep on her own. Her schedule, most of the time is the following:
7am Wake
9:00am nap
1:00pm nap
3:30 nap
7:30pm Bedtime

Crawling is next on her to-do list! She's been rolling, scooting and rocking! She's becoming mobile and we love it! We love our pretty cabbage patch girl!

4th of July

July 4, 2013
Patriotic Kiddos

All dressed up in classic red, white & blue, ready for fireworks and fun!

Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons
May 28 - July 18

I signed the Talmage and Emma up for swim lessons at Williamsfield High School, through Gilbert Aquatics. Swim was 4 days a week and we did it for 8 weeks straight. I wanted to make sure the kids had a chance to really learn and become comfortable in the water. It was lots of fun and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

When Talmage started, he was afraid to put his head under the water and could not do a back or front float. When he finished, he had mastered two levels and could swim about 12 feet. He's amazing!

Here's a video of Talmage during his last week of swim lessons:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

6 Month Checkup

June 20, 2013
6 month Dr Appt

Ellie received 4 vaccinations, one as an oral liquid and the other 3 as shots to the thighs. She had a mild fever the next day but other than that, she did great! While the doctor was checking her ears, I mentioned that, a few days earlier, I noticed some drainage in her left ear. He then discovered a small amount of puss inside. As a result, opted to prescribe her only half a dose of antibiotic, since it wasn't a full-blown ear infection. But other than that, she's happy and healthy! She's sitting up very well. 
The doctor was surprised at her strength for a 6 month old.

Here's how she's grown!

Weight: 17 lbs 11 oz - 75 %tile
Length: 26 in - 49 %tile
Head Circumference: 17.25 in - 87 %tile

Happy Half Birthday Ellie!

Ellie Marie
June 12, 2013

Today Ellie is 6 months old, which makes it her half birthday. It's also Emma's half birthday as well. And it top it off, it is their grandma Maren's birthday. She would be 70 years old, but instead she's celebrating in heaven. This is her first birthday not with us. In honor and celebration of mom and the kids' grandma, we made German Chocolate cupcakes. She loved nuts and chocolate so I thought it was a good choice. 

6 months old