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Vacation: Tuesday California Adventure

California Vacation
California Adventure
May 21, 2013

Tuesday, our second day at the park, was spent at California Adventure. We also arrived fairly early before the gates opened. This time, my dad and Linda joined us! The kids were so excited to share these fun memories with grandpa and grandma. Like I mentioned in the last post, I met the wife of the creator of Ridemax. They were also at the opening of California Adventure. Since the opening of Cars Land, it's a mad rush for Radiator Springs Racer. They gave us the tip to stay all the way to the right, since the line narrows until it forms a single file line. They take you straight from the ropes to Radiator Springs Racers. We stayed close to the right and followed them closely. We ended up on the first car of the ride with them! Grandma and Grandpa stayed behind to watch the girls, while Jacob and I went with Talmage.

Here's the picture!
The Ridemax creator is the one with the camera and his wife is next to him.
They were so nice!
Radiator Springs Racers

Here's Grandma and her two girls, waiting for us to get off the ride!

After we got off the ride, Jacob and Talmage went on again
but this time with Grandpa and Grandma.
They used the Rider Switch Pass and two fast passes that were given to us.

Cars Land was amazing and so much fun! It felt like you were walking in the movie! Lightning McQueen and Mater were driving around the whole time.

Luigi's Flying Tires
This was a fun ride! We had to wait a little while but it was worth it! The tires are inflated and air is shot up from the ground to help move the tires. (It's kind of like how air hockey shoots air to help the puck glide.) The only way to move the tire in the direction you'd like it to go, is to lean to one side.
Jacob took Talmage, while I took Emma.

The shops in Cars Land were really neat!
We found Mater teeth and couldn't resist buying them for the kids!

Flo's V8 Cafe for lunch

After Cars Land in the morning, we headed over to Soarin' Over California. Linda had never been to California Adventure so we were so excited for her to ride this ride! 
The girls and I watched Minnie and her Fly Girls while they went on the ride. Then Linda and Talmage went on the ride again, but with me this time.

Talmage loved Tower of Terror!
In fact, he loved every single ride he rode on! 
He's a little daredevil!

Jacob and I were able to go on a ride, just us, for the first time!
It was so much fun!
California Screamin'

A Bug's Land
Heimlich Chew Chew Train

World of Color
We sat really, really close and got drenched! 
In fact, there was so much water, I couldn't even see the show because of water in my eyes. 
So we left early!

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