Thursday, July 25, 2013

6 Month Checkup

June 20, 2013
6 month Dr Appt

Ellie received 4 vaccinations, one as an oral liquid and the other 3 as shots to the thighs. She had a mild fever the next day but other than that, she did great! While the doctor was checking her ears, I mentioned that, a few days earlier, I noticed some drainage in her left ear. He then discovered a small amount of puss inside. As a result, opted to prescribe her only half a dose of antibiotic, since it wasn't a full-blown ear infection. But other than that, she's happy and healthy! She's sitting up very well. 
The doctor was surprised at her strength for a 6 month old.

Here's how she's grown!

Weight: 17 lbs 11 oz - 75 %tile
Length: 26 in - 49 %tile
Head Circumference: 17.25 in - 87 %tile

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