Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Day of School: Kindergarten

Legacy Traditional Academy
Mrs. Arellano - Kindergarten
August 1, 2013
First Day of School

Today was such an exciting day for Talmage! He started Kindergarten!!! I can't believe he's in Elementary school! It was an easy transition for him since he did 2 years of preschool, for days a week. He's practically a pro! That also made it lots easier on mommy and daddy to say goodbye. 

He is attending Legacy Traditional Academy, a charter school in our neighborhood. Lots of friends from church are in his class, too. Since everyone has to abide by the same uniform rules, Talmage didn't have a problem leaving his superhero shirts at home. Today we chose a red polo and blue for tomorrow.

Isn't he so handsome?! 
He's actually one of the younger ones in Kindergarten since he doesn't turn 5 until August 30th. 

Walking to the school, from the parking lot

Mascot: The Patriot

Playing with all the Kindergartners

This is the face she made when she found out that she couldn't play 

Saying goodbye, so tender

In line with his class

Talmage's teacher: Mrs. Arellano, holding up her sign to line up

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