Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Wonderful Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. We had so much fun! Talmage was in on the fun too! I'm so glad we didn't get a babysitter for him. Afterall, look at what 2 years has brought us..our little bundle of joy! Talmage was soooo good too!

The day before we got married, I went through the temple for the first time. And afterwards, Jacob gave me a single white rose symbolizing purity. It was so sweet! So this year for our anniversary, the night before, he gave me a dozen white roses! I have the sweetest, most thoughtful and sensitive husband! I love him so much! He also gave me a card that sings, "How Sweet It is to Be Loved By You"!

Well, to start things off, we headed off to Denny's for breakfast. We had a coupon and thought it'd be fun to go out to breakfast. Then, we headed off the Scottsdale Fashion Center. We both had never been there before and thought we go on a little adventure!

Here are some pictures of Jacob and Talmage at the play center inside Scottsdale Fashion. It was so cool! There was a pirates ship where you could climb into it and even steer. And, there were indoor treehouses and even little girl play houses. It was definately the COOLEST play place I had ever seen!

And, we went to Olive Garden for dinner and came home to watch a movie! Thanks Hubby for the best anniversary! I'm so glad you're mine!

Bytheway, since it's our 2 year anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton. This worked out great since Jacob needed some new jeans. So, we got him some cotton!

I got Jacob a card too and his favorite candy...Reeses Pieces..oh ya and some cotton (jeans)!

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