Monday, April 27, 2009

Kidney Stones!

This morning Jacob woke up in enormous pain. So I hurried and got dressed and Talmage in his car seat and ready to go! We headed off to Mercy Gilbert E.R. Jacob was in sooooooooo much pain. I felt so bad for him. They gave him TONS of pain meds and finally after a few hours, the pain lessened. After several tests, they discovered he had kidney stones...3 of them! Ouch!! So he's at home for the next few days. 4 medications, Wal-mart runs, Panda Express, and a new dvd, he's feeling a little bit better! But I have a feeling that there's a long, hard, and painful road ahead of him.


JT, Britt & Bella said...

Ouch!! I hope he get's better soon! That is seriously one of my worst fears..I gave up drinking soda a few months ago cause my cousin drinks it like its candy and she got a lot of them! Yikes! I heard it's worse than labor pains!

The Montgomerys said...

After having gallstones myself I can certanly sypmathize with you Jacob. Drink LOTS of juice! If they don't go away in 30 days, demand surgery!! I got gallstones in my 7 month of pregnancy, one women who had them too put it well when she said they were worst than having a baby naturally. My gallbladder was so full with gallstones that they couldn't see my gallbladder. I'll pray for you Jacob! Get well!

Tyler and Heather said...

Oh no!! Is that why he was feeling terrible at our house? Poor guy! Do you guys need dinner or anything. Hmm.... I think I will just give you a call today to see if we can do anything to help! On a different note... yes lets get together soon! Landon misses Talmage too! It's going to be so fun to take them swimming together... do they even make infant floaties for the arms? Hmm... I keep an eye out!