Thursday, May 21, 2009

BYU & Surgery

Here's Talmage in his souveneir shirt from Utah. We went to the BYU Bookstore and picked it up for him. I LOVE it!

Yesterday Jacob had his "surgery" done for his kidney stones at Mercy Gilbert hospital. We arrived at 6:00 am and waited for an hour. Then they took Jacob back to get him prepped, changed and IV started. After that was finished, at 8:00 am, they brought me into the surgery prep room to see him and wish him luck. Then the wait began. Talmage and I waited for 45 minutes until the doctor came out and told us everything went well. I impatiently waited another 45 minutes until I was finally able to see my hubby. Although groggy, he felt pretty good. Only later on did he feel like someone kicked him in the back.

Finally his kidney stones are gone...almost. He still has to pass some tiny ones. He's still on pain medication...ugh. I'm so proud of my hubby for being so strong. These kidney stones have put him through A LOT! It's been a month now that he's been in pain when it should've only been a day or two! Oh well, this will be behind us soon enough.

Oh yea, I was going to post a picture of his bruised up back but I can't find my camera! Dang it!

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