Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Talmage has been up to lately...

1. The Talmage Crawl He can get just about anywhere he wants to but only with the "Talmage crawl." It consists of any or all of the following: -Rolling -Getting on his knees and then stomach, knees, then stomach like a snail. -And, since our carpet is shag, he pulls the carpet while pushing off on his toes Here's a video of that:

2. He flexes! He will flex on his own, after he's eaten somehting yummy or when someone flexes first, he'll copy. It is so dang cute! I love my muscle man! Here's a video of it:

3. He does push ups! He's in the middle of crawling and walking so he's always pushing up!

4. He pulls himself up to stand His favorite is to pull himself up in the bathtub. Here's a picture of him taking a bath in Grandma's sink:

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The Montgomerys said...

He flexes for his mommy how cute!