Friday, December 18, 2009

It's almost Christmas!!

I can't believe Christmas is 1 week from today! This season has gone by so fast. We've managed to wrap most of the gifts for each other but need to get started on Talamge's gifts. I'm so excited for Christmas this year. I have a few surprises (hopefully) for Jacob and I can't wait to see his reaction. I just hope I've kept them a secret well enough. It is so fun being in our first home this year for Christmas. This is the first time we've put Christmas lights up! It was such a fun experience. We have our tree up by our window so it can be seen from the street. Our house looks so pretty now with all the Christmas decorations!

This past month has been a little bit of s struggle for me. I just finished school, thankfully, and have been getting all kinds of tests done at the doctor. Fortunately, I am doing just fine! That's yet another blessing. It seems like everytime we go through hard times and trials, we get even more blessings. I have a piano recital tomorrow for my students and then after that, I can finally relax and enjoy the week of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I love this season and all the wonderful blessings we have!


The Montgomerys said...

Hope everything is fine? I know, it's been that way for me this last month two. In the last 2 weeks I have been to the doctors a few times for myself, not fun. BTW I love your blogs layout!

Tyler and Heather said...

HEY! Your blog is super cute! :) I can't wait for this next semester... hopefully we can get together more often and we can make all those cute cookies and be crafty moms! :)
Merry Christmas!!