Sunday, October 24, 2010

What the CRAP!

Well, as many of you have probably heard, Talmage was sick with diarrhea for 15 days! It started Saturday, October 2 and went until Monday, October 18. He had it everyday, all day long. Luckily, he did most of it in the toilet. It really was a blessig in disguise because he learned to be potty trained for #2. He had the #1 part down great but getting him to poop in the toilet wasn't easy. I felt so bad for me. We'd sit him on the toilet and leave him for like 5 minutes to just "go." He bum became so red that he started bleeding and limping when he walked. I took him to the doctor on Friday, October 8, almost a week into it. They told me to watch him an if he wasn't better by Monday, to bring him back in. We left the office with some probiotic samples and a prescription for some oitment for his bum rash. Well, Monday came around and sure enough, he wasn't better but had actually gotten worse. The probiotic didn't seem to help at all. The doctor then handed me 6 vials/containers to collect some stool samples. That was easier said then done. I tried to get Talmage to go in his diaper but he insisted on doing it in the toilet. So, I put a "hat" container, like they use in the hospital, underneath the toilet seat. That did not work. Talmage hated it. Plan 2: I took a tupperware dish and set it in the water so he didn't know it was there. Finally, something had worked! So far, they weren't able to figure out what was wrong with him. Maybe it was just a long virus. Who knows! I'm just glad that it's over!

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