Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talmage's Burn

On Wednesday, March 16, about 3 weeks ago, Talmage burnt himself. I was cooking some quick scrambled eggs for breakfast while Talmage was on the opposite side of the stove, on the counter, coloring. I turned off the stove, took the pan off and turned around to grab a plate. Right when I turned around, Talmage thought the stove was no longer hot since it was off so he crawled across the stove, placing all his weight on his left hand (and he's left-handed). He wouldn't stop screaming and was crying so hard that blood was coming out of his nose. I scrambled through our medicine cabinet to see if we happened to have any burn cream on hand. Unfortunately, we didn't so I ended up giving him Children's Tylenol for the pain. Then I gave him an ice pack to hold. I had just gottenout of the shower but I knew that I needed to get help for him. So I quickly got dressed and headed out the door with no make-up and wet hair. We didn't have the car that day I put Talmage in a wagon. He could hardly walk because he was shivering and shaking from the extreme pain. We knocked on two neighbors doors and no answer. I finally decided to try our friends house around the block to see if they had burn cream or any ideas. She's a CNA so I thought she'd at least know what I should do. Her and her husband immediately took us to the Urgent Care in QC by our house. He was given pain medication, a presciption burn cream and his head was then wrapped. The doctor said that it was a really bad 2nd degree burn. It is now finally starting to heal. The pictures are of the first week of his burn when he blisters all over his hand. The blisters eventually popped and the doctor cut back all the dead skin from the blisters to expose the new raw skin. He finally can use his hand again and no longer needs it wrapped but it still is red and is in the process of healing. Poor little guy!

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debrajo said...

Poor little Talmage! Emmett just burned his hand last week, too. Except, while it blistered immediately, it wasn't nearly as bad as Talmage's hand. We only had to deal with a small part of his hand being hurt.

Hope he's doing okay!

Hawkes said...

That poor kid! I just about puked when I saw those blisters. Hopefully he is young enough he will forget the pain but not do it again! ouch!

Anonymous said...
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