Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts & Updates on Emma

Emma turned 5 months old a little over a week ago on the 12th. She weighs 14 lbs 10 oz now and is growing up so fast. Her little personality is shining through and I can't help but fall in love with her more each day. I absolutely love to see my two kids playing together. Talmage makes Emma laugh pretty much all day long. They are bonding more and more as they interact each day. I'm amazed at how much I am blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful children. Emma is such a mommy's girl, which I love.

She has brought with her many challenges for me, as a mother, to overcome. Talmage was definately and completely different as a baby. I thought he was hard...until I had Emma and I'm sure this pattern will continue with each baby. Tears have been shed and prayers offered, as seek advice and have concerns with my ability to mother Emma. She is a beautiful, sweet and loving little girl but it has been a struggle for me to help her sleep and get through her reflux and various (very mild) illnesses. I am starting to discover that I cannot be a mother on my own. I need the help of my husband, friends, family, and most importantly, my loving Heavenly Father. I have been greatly humbled by my calling as a mother. It is a divine role and responsibility that I sometimes lose sight of. I tend to get caught up in what other mothers say and compare my baby to others. It's hard. It's so hard but I'm learning. My baby is unique and the only one who truly knows what will work for her is Heavenly Father. I have to trust and have faith that He will guide me, as her mother, to do what's best for her, to create a routine, a sleeping habit, that will work.

Last night, Emma threw up, intensely, 9 times. It was scary. She is fine now and has a virus or stomach flu basically. I took her to the doctor and was able to receive a new prescription for her reflux and some good advice on how to handle the reflux. The doctor suggested that I pump my milk and add about 2 Tbls of rice cereal to every bottle I give her throughout the entire day. This should help her keep it down better and feel content. She also informed me that lots of babies don't sleep through the night until they've reached 6-7 months. That was comforting.

Today was a good day.


Kirk said...
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Keep it up Momma! Reflux babies are hard, but it does get better :) What medicine does the doc have her on?

Melissa said...

Well said!

Jenna said...

Don't get caught up in what other moms say! Don't feel not normal or like your baby isn't normal! Every baby is normal at their own pace. Everyone has their struggles with their kids and some are too embarrassed to admit it. I am so sorry you were going through that! It is so hard when they are so little and can't tell us what is wrong. You are a smart girl and wonderful momma. Your babies are sure lucky to have you!

Danielle and Trenton said...

Noelle you are AMAZING!!

debrajo said...

You are a GREAT mom, Noelle. I just know you are. The calling of motherhood is divine and a huge responsibility. It is the most difficult and the most rewarding, and it totally overwhelms me at times, too.

Remember, though, that Heavenly Father has blessed you with a "gut instinct" also known as "mother's intuition". Just go with your heart on everything and you'll lead your children in a fantastic way. Hope Emma is feeling better!