Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wind Cave Hike

April 11, 2012
Wind Cave Hike, Usery Mountain Park

During Jacob's vacation, we decided to go on our first family hike. We chose the Wind Cave hike. I had hear d a lot about it and really wanted to try it out. Once we started the trail, we quickly realized that we were definitely not taking our stroller and lugging it up the mountain. It was fairly difficult at times, but a fun challenge. Talmage hiked the entire mountain both up and down. It totaled 3.2 miles of hiking. Since we couldn't bring a stroller, Jacob and I alternated holding Emma. It was challenge but we did have fun. The view was amazing!

Before the Hike
Ready to go in the stroller, before we saw that we were hiking up a mountain!

Cactus Flower

Talmage in front of a Mesquite Tree

Mommy & Emma join the picture

Talmage wanted a picture on this huge mossy rock

Daddy & Talmage

We made it to the Wind Cave! Here we are inside the cave.

This was our view from the wind cave...amazing!

Jacob at the top

We're higher than the Phoenix Sign!

Part of the Wind Cave

There were so many beautiful cacti.

Here's a picture of the mountain...we hiked to the very top!

AFTER the hike

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