Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ellie's Baby Blessing

February 10, 2013
Ellie's Baby Blessing 
Ellie Marie Lewis was blessed on February 10, 2013 by her daddy.
It was one of the most beautiful baby blessings I've ever heard. Really, it was.
I'm so grateful that Ellie has a father who is worthy to hold the Priesthood and give
her first Patriarchal blessing. It was so special.
All the family that came to the blessing
Our Family Photo
Luncheon Pictures
I forgot to take pictures of the food and everything so
I took some that night and the next morning.
We had rolls with cheese, ham or turkey, fruit bowl,
veggie platter, cookies, mini cupcakes, and M&M's.

Jacob bought these flowers for Ellie. And the Madame Alexander doll
is hers that we picked out from Grandma Maren's collection of dolls.
We had to have a piece of Grandma there.

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Clarissa B. said...

You look amazing! You are so beautiful! Your home/decorations look so good!