Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our California Vacation: Ready to Leave

Vacation: Ready to Leave
May 19, 2013

We planned to leave for California on Sunday and visit some sites. 
Then Monday was to be spent in Disneyland, Tuesday in California Adventure. 
Wednesday and Thursday were dedicated to Disneyland once again. 
Friday was our driving home day, accompanied by some light shopping in the morning in Downtown Disney.

We rented a full size car, Hyundai Elantra, to ensure a safe ride to and from California. We also borrowed some DVD players for the backseat to help keep the kids happy during our long drive.

A full month of planning went into this vacation. We researched as much as we could about Disneyland, including tips, fun facts, yummy food, etc.

6:30 am: All ready to go! {minus Ellie in her car seat of course}

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