Friday, April 4, 2008

2nd Ultrasound...17 weeks!

Today I had my second ultrasound. It was a lot different than my first ultrasound.
Here's why:
-It was at Mercy Gilbert Hospital instead of the OBGYN office (insurance reasons)
-It was ONLY an ultrasound
-It was a longer ultrasound
-It was early in the morning (7:30 am)
-BEST of ALL!! Jacob was able to be there!!!
Today was such a great day already!!! I had a scheduled ultrasound on Monday, April 7 but the OGBYN office called and said I needed to make an appointment with the hospital because of my insurance. I thought this was a horrible idea at first and would inconvenience me to have to go to an ultrasound one day and then the doctor another day. I wanted it to be together!

Well, the Lord knows how things are supposed to be and that's why I just have to have faith! With Jacob's work schedule, he couldn't have made it to the ultrasound in the OGBYN office because of work. And he had already missed one ultrasound where we found out it was a boy. But, since the hospital is opened really early, Jacob was able to come see the ultrasound before work. It was meant to be! It was such a touching experience and one I wouldn't trade for anything! He loved seeing his little active boy move and so did I. I can't explain how good it felt for Jacob to be there and experience and see this wonderful miracle that we both helped create.

Wow! I love being pregnant! Who cares if my hips are getting bigger and my waist will never be the same! It's all worth it! Now I can't wait to meet our little boy and hold him and kiss him! Life is good! Miracles do happen!

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Tod and Casey said...

Hey Noelle - The baby classes should be held at the hospital where you are planning to deliver. You should be able to get the schedule in the labor and delivery department, or from your OB. I did sign up one month ago and they recommend attending the classes between 30 and 36 weeks. Hope this helps...have a great night!