Friday, March 28, 2008


Tower of Terror!

Ryan & Jacob: Sword in the Stone!

Jacob & I with Pluto!

Jail time!

Dinner Time!

Waiting for California Adventure to open
Well, this post is a little late but oh well! We went to Disneyland over Spring Break with my family: Mom, Dad, Ryan. Chantal, Sariah, Jacob, and I. Even though I hardly rode any rides, it was still a lot of fun! I actually enjoyed the little kid rides!! I'd never taken the time to go on them before but since that was all I could do, I took advatage of it! I think my favorite ride was Peter Pan. Oh and my OB doctor specifically said that I could go on Splash Mountain so that was a real treat!! Yay, a big kid ride! Well here are a few pics. I was in charge of the camcorder so I don't have very many pictures.

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Megan said...

Looks like fun... wish I was there! It's fun to find other LDS bloggers whilst blog trolling! :)