Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary (March 10th!)

Our 1 year anniversary was March 10th, a week ago. We've been at Disneyland so I wasn't able to blog our anniversary. We had so much fun! We sold so many things through Craigslist that we were about to give to D.I. It was just like our money!! Then, we went on a hunt to find me some maternity success! Everything is too big! After that, we ate dinner at Rainforest Cafe. It was an ok restaurant but we thought we'd try something new! Then, we went to the movies and saw College Road Trip!! Sooooo much fun! It is such a great movie and it's G!! Can you believe it? A movie with people is actually G - rated! Crazy! Well, overall, we had a great 1 year anniversary! I would post pics of us but our camera's battery died just as we arrived. Oh well!

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