Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Valentine's/Birthday! (a little late)

February 14th was not only Valentine's Day but it was my birthday!!! Jacob took me to the Phoenix Zoo for half of the day. It may not sound romantic but it was!!! Let me give you some background. Our first date was October 2006 to none other than the Zoo!! What a creative first day huh?? I thought so. Anyways, last year on my birthday we were engaged so I thought it'd be fun to go back to the Zoo. So since it's my birthday again, it was only tradition and memories that brought us back to the Zoo! We rented a double back just like we did on our first date! My hubby is so romantic! I just love him! Anyways, after the Zoo we went to my parents house and had a family party and then headed off to our reservation at Texas Roadhouse! Yum! Oh ya, I forgot, before the Zoo Jacob took me out to breakfast at Village Inn! What a great Valentine's/Birthday! Well, here are some pictures!

At the Zoo!

At Texas Roadhouse!

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