Friday, June 27, 2008

Another OB Appointment

Today was my 30 week OBGYN doctor's appointment. I was supposed to have my glucose tolerance test today too but they told me they were going to lunch. So I only had time to see the doctor. I was looking forward to getting it over with! But oh well, I'll try again next time. Everything looks great with the baby. As the nurse was listening to his heartbeat, he kicked the doppler and then wouldn't stop moving around. It was cute! I wonder how crazy he would've been if I had actually drank my sugary drink. Now I start my kick counting everyday after dinner. I don't think I'll even need to count! He's such an active little boy...just like his daddy!

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Suzannah said...

The glucose test wasn't too bad... I hate Fruit Punch though, so it was kinda gross. But tey let me go home for the hour and then I came back and they took my blood. It was pretty simple. But they did forget to call me with the results so I had to call the Friday after and ask, but I passed so that's good. Good luck with your test though! :)