Monday, June 2, 2008


This past weekend has been full of Swelling! Both of my feet and my hands have been swelling. It's been like this on and off since 21 weeks. On Saturday, I was so worried about our little boy because I hadn't felt him move ALL DAY! And he usually moves several time throughout the day. So, Jacob reassurred me that nothing was wrong with me and that he would help me get him to move. He pulled out a flashlight and shined in on my belly. And after about 5 minutes or so, he started moving!! Phew! I was worried! But, as soon as he started moving again, the swelling started. Pretty funny...I guess I brought that on myself. I do know that I'd rather be swelling and know that he is ok!

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shalene and dallas said...

Hi Noelle,
Ive been meaning to post on your blog for a while, sorry it has taken me so long!! Im excited that you are my new visting teacher and it will be fun to get to know you, cogratulations on your baby boy!!! I feel for you on the swelling that part of pregnancy totally sucks :-)

Shalene Miller