Tuesday, July 15, 2008

32 weeks 3 days BELLY PHOTO!

After many requests, I finally took a belly picture! I've been swelling a lot!! My arms face, legs, feet...everything! But I broke down and took a picture anyway! I just don't feel as "pretty" when I'm huge!

Well today was my OBGYN appointment and my glucose test. I was supposed to take the test at 28 weeks but it didn't work out. So here's a picture of an empty orange glucose drink. Yummy! It tasted ok but made me feel sick all day! Talmage sure liked it though! He kept moving around and it took them awhile to find his heartbeat.


Jack's Mommy said...

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!! You look great! ...motherhood is awesome - absolutely nothing better, imho. :) Our son was just born on May 4, and my husband and I can't imagine life without him again.

Tod and Casey said...

Cute Noelle! Thanks for posting the picture!