Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We've Moved!

Monday we officially moved out of our house. We are still living with my parents until the end of August when our new place will be ready for us! I'm excited to get into a nice, new place that'll be safe for baby Talmage. Just hopefully he'll come after we've moved. This past week has been crazy and definately tiring!!

I kind of put my bedrest on hold. Oops! But now I'm back on bedrest. And I've been having a fever the last two days. So we're hoping that the contractions won't come back with the fever. I just feel bad for Talmage. He gets stressed when I get a fever and his heart rate goes up.

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Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

poor guy. :( im sure talmage will beok though! and im so sad for you! sorry its been hard! we're going to miss you guys so much!