Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks!

Today Talmage is 4 weeks old! He's already getting so big! He is such a good little boy! Everyday he gets better and better. He's starting to eat and sleep lots better. To me, he's practically the perfect baby! I just realized how lucky I am to have such a good baby. Lately I've been hearing lots of stories of women who have had babies that won't latch on. Talmage has been a great eater and he latches extremely well. It is not even painful. Also, he takes to a bottle perfectly when I need to pump. From the moment he was born, he's been the best eater and I am so so grateful. I love my little boy and am so thankful he is healthy and beautiful. He's so sweet. I feel privileged to be his mommy!!! Motherhood is the best. I can't believe how wonderful it truly is. I can't wait to see what the future brings but I also want to treasure each moment. Sometimes I wish he could be a newborn forever but I know it will just get better. He'll be a great big brother. I love him soooo much!

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Brenick said...

hey, i dont know you. our hubbies know eachother, but i just wanted to tell you how blessed you are! the first 2 months were a living HELL for me!!! Jonas had colic and he wouldnt latch on for the life of him, the only way i could get him to latch was by using a nipple shield. and it still hurt me,even using that. i was telling nick "okay, no more kids, ever!!!" haha. but its gotten WAY better as he has gotten older.
but yeah, just wanted to say that you really are blessed to be so lucky. im glad motherhood is treating you so well :)