Friday, June 12, 2009

Sick for the 1st time...

Sad but true...Talmage is sick and for the first time too! He's never been sick until now. He started having a fever last night and it didn't break until this morning. His fever got as high as 102.6. Poor guy!! Here are some pictures of him this morning. This is sooooooo NOT Talmage! He is laying at the end of our bed watching Baby Einstein. Usually he has to have tons of toys or be bouncing in his bouncer while watching Baby Einstein. He always has to be busy busy busy! But not today...all he felt like doing was laying down. Also, here is a video of Talmage snoring/breathing funny during his nap today. He's a little congested if you couldn't tell!

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mckayland said...

That is so cute putting the TV in front of him. That is the best part about being sick when I was little.