Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day GIft from Talmage

This Father's Day I wanted to give a special and personal gift to Jacob from Talmage since he's old enough this year to participate more. I wanted to do something unique so I finally came up with an idea. I had a mini scrapbook album lying around that I had never used so we decided to make daddy a book. On the cover, I put rub-on letters that said, "To Daddy From Talmage." The first page of the book, which was the title, said "I try to do the things you do 'cuz I want to be just like you!". Then I took 15 pictures of Talmage doing things that daddy does. I then put them on some scrapbook paper and decorated them a little and put them in the book. It turned out so cute! It was hit! Daddy loved it! And it was fun seeing or trying to get Talmage to do what his daddy does. Here are the pictures:

Wearing Hats


Studying for the Financial Tests


Riding the Lawn Tractor

Reading the Scriptures

Reading on the Toilet

Playing XBOX

Playing the Piano

Mowing the Lawn

Going to Work

Fixing Things

Eating Spaghetti-O's (Daddy's favorite!)

Drinking Ginger-ale (Daddy's favorite drink!)

Shopping for DVD's (Daddy's hobby)


Danielle and Trenton said...

These pictures made me laugh so hard, Talmage is getting so big! What a clever idea! My favorite was sitting on the toilet reading. Hahaha.

Suzannah said...

Hahaha. Love it- What a cute idea!