Friday, August 13, 2010

Potty Training

I started officially, officially potty training Talmage on Wednesday. Today is day 3 of underwear. No diapers!! (except at naptime and bedtime unfortunately) We took away the diapers and went straight to underwear. We didn't want to bother with pull-ups. Afterall, there is hardly any difference between pull-ups and diapers. I wanted something totally different. Talmage loves his underwear and he looks so cute and grown up in them. The first day of wearing underwear he had an accident in the morning which was partly my fault. I wasn't watching the clock! Then later that night, he came running to me and pointed to some urine that was running down his leg. We rushed to the toilet and he went A LOT! So I guess that's only half an accident. Yesterday was his second day and he only 1 accident, late at night. Jacob's whole family is in town for his nieces wedding (which was yesterday) so he was busy playing with cousins. We were gone all day and only 1 accident! I am so proud of him! He also woke up completely dry from his 3 hour nap yesterday. Yay!! Potty training is getting better and better. He's able to hold it for longer and doesn't even need a reward afterwards. We ran a bunch of errands this morning and so accidents! We have a bunch of family stuff going all weekend long so we'll see how it goes.


Amber said...

Go Talmage! Thats impressive! You are such a good mommy Noelle!

JT, Britt & Bella said...

Dang, you are brave! I really need to do this but I am scared!