Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Emma Update!

Oh my little Emma Lou! Her middle name is really Maren but I sometimes like to call her Emma Lou. She is so sweet and SUCH a mommy's girl! I love how much she has bonded with me but at times it can be hard when even daddy can't console her...just mommy...sigh! I'm still nursing her and she loves it! It's become more a comfort for her since she now eats solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She's loving her baby food and getting better and better about eating.

She'll be 9 months old on Sept 12th! It's so crazy to think that in just 3 short months, she'll be 1! I don't even want to think about that. Emma seems to have grown out of her reflux! She still ocassionally throws up but not every day or every meal like she used to.

She's sleeping more and more now as she gets older! It's crazy...I thought newborns were supposed to sleep less and less as they got older but not Emma. She's one of a kind! Right now she takes 1-2 naps a day, totaling about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Crazy...I know! She sleeps well at night though. Usually around 8pm she goes to bed and sleeps until 6am. Then, depending on the day, she'll go back to sleep, after nursing, for another hour. I'm so thankful that she is sleeping so well now. My prayers have truly been answered!

I've noticed that she's been a much happier baby too! She is so friendly whenever we go out shopping! I always finding her laughing and/or smiling at people. I love it!! It's such a joy to see her fun personality unfold. She's also bonding more and more with her big brother. Tonight they played and laughed together for 2 whole, uninterrupted hours! I just love seeing their sibling relationship grow and the tenderness they have for each other. It's one of the best parts about having 2 kids!! I am enjoying this stage of Emma and Talmage sooo much! It's such an honor to be their mother and I feel privileged to be able to see them grow and learn.

Oh and I can't forget...BIG NEWS...Emma is CRAWLING!! She started crawling on Sunday, August 29th! Woo Hoo! She hasn't gotten crazy yet but she's definitely moving around and getting what she wants. Now I'm just waiting on her first teeth to pop! Almost 9 months and it seems as if she's been teething forever but nothing yet! And since I'm still nursing...I'm not complaining! ;)

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Casey said...

Thank you for the sweet compliments Noelle. We are super excited! Emma is a doll! Tell Jacob I said hello!