Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Talmage Update!

Talmage is now 3 years old! He turned three on Tuesday, August 30th. We had lots of fun celebrating and Daddy took the day off to join the fun (Pics and details to follow). He's enjoying Preschool and loves to ride the bus everyday! It's so fun to see him grow, learn, make friends, and become independent. He is doing so well and is talking a lot! It seems that he's nearly doubled his words in 2 weeks! I'm excited for this new adventure in his life but also a little sad, realizing that he'll never be home all day with me again! :( But mostly happy and excited for him! I just LOVE to watch him grow and learn. It's very rewarding! Talmage is also a great big brother. He loves to give Emma kisses and play with her. My favorite thing is when they laugh together. I could listen to them laugh for hours!! I'm so lucky to have this fun, energetic boy!!

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