Thursday, May 3, 2012


Since this is our family blog, I rarely write about anything, unless it pertains to the kids, and I always include lots of pictures of our growing family. But, I felt inspired to just write about us and our wonderful life. Sometimes it feels like our life isn't too exciting but we honestly have a great life together as a family.

I love our home.
It is just perfect for our family. We were so blessed to be able to buy our first home and watch it be built. It made us appreciate it so much more because it was OUR home and only ours. In November 2009, we moved in, only having Talmage at the time. Our house is about 1500 sq ft with 3 bedrooms, a den, and 2 baths. I love having a smaller home. Here are some reasons why:
**For one, we accumulate less stuff. There is just enough room to store what we love and need. And no clutter!
**It's easier to clean.
**Our bills are cheaper for gas, electric, water, etc.
**It's easy to decorate.
**It's cozy.
**It's taught us to be more creative with storage and organizing.
**And, it brings our family closer together. I love how we don't have too many rooms. The kids could be playing in their bedrooms while I'm in the kitchen and I can still hear them singing and talking. Love that!

I love being able to stay home with my two cute kiddies. Not only is it fun to be with them, but I just love being home. It just feels good. Before Emma was even born, we sold my car and went from 2 cars to 1. It has been such a blessing too! We not only save money because of gas, insurance, and car maintenance, but we spend less money too. Since Jacob only works about 5 miles from home, it's so easy to just drop him off at work if I need the car. And, I'm able to be at home more and spend more quality time with the kids. I just love it!

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