Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool Celebration

Preschool Celebration
Ranch Elementary
May 14, 2012

Talmage had is end of the year Preschool Celebration. They sang 3 songs. Grandma, Emma and Mommy all were there to see him sing. He was the cutest little boy up there. After their songs, they called each of them up, one by one, to get their preschool diplomas. They each crossed a bridge and walked over to their teacher. Talmage still has another year of preschool (thank goodness! I'm not ready for kindergarten!) so he received a different certificate. It was the best Mother's Day present to see my little boy singing and doing the actions to the songs. I LOVED it!!

Emma's all ready to go to brother's celebration. She likes to sit on the seat, like a big girl, but we she knows she has to be in her car seat. So she's just chillin' til Mommy puts her in her seat.

About to sing!

Emma just loved watching! Her favorite part was the clapping!

Waiting for brother's name to be called!

As soon as she heard his name, she darted out there, as you can see!

Hugging Ms. Jenny

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