Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob!

July 3, 2012
28 years old

Jacob turned 28! Crazy how old he is getting! We started the morning off by sleeping in and then opening presents. Afterwards, we kept the Lewis family tradition that Jacob grew up with. We had little boxes of cereal to choose from for our breakfast and then enjoyed a foil-wrapped ding-dong. Then it was time for cake. Jacob is not a cake fan, even on his birthday. So this year, I tried something new. I made a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cake. It was delicious! Just like eating a cinnamon roll. It was soooo moist and Jacob LOVED it! We even brought some over to his parents to try because he was so excited!

For lunch, we ate at Firehouse Subs, where Jacob received his free sub. It was yummy! Then we dropped some cake off at his parents and headed to the movies to see The Amazing Spider-man. Jacob scored us some free popcorn for his birthday too! And it was amazing! Then we shopped around at Chandler Fashion Center where we made a visit to The Lego Store. For dinner, we headed out for another free meal at Joe's Farm Grill. We've never been there and wanted to try it out. It was also yummy!

We had such a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday Hubby!
We love you!!

At The Lego Store, they had a mini build going on for the kids. 
Talmage was able to build his own Olympic torch.

Emma loves the computer! Here she is trying to play a Lego game.

 And of course, the Lego Wall...

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