Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22 weeks

August 22, 2012
22 weeks 1 day

So far, I am feeling great. I have kept up with my workouts, doing them 5 days a week, and it's actually becoming easier now. This is the first pregnancy that I have consistently worked out. I love it and it feels great! I seem to have more energy too! 

I have gained a little more weight than I would have hoped but I guess this baby just needs more. I am eating healthy and getting lots of exercise, so it is what it is I guess. Our little girl is quite the active one. Jacob felt her move for the first time around 20 weeks. That was exciting! I'm now able to look down at my tummy and see movements. I just love that!

Oh yes, and I'm officially in maternity jeans now!

Here's a picture from today:
Talmage took this picture for me. :) 
He had to stand on top of his castle to get this shot. 
He did pretty good this time! 

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