Saturday, August 11, 2012

Girly Room

New Room for the Girlies
Friday, August 10

We ordered a twin bed and mattress a week ago for Emma. After doing that, I just had to have a dresser for her too, especially since the girls will be sharing a room. I needed the extra storage and I was so ready to get organizing. So, last Saturday I put the dresser together myself, with a little assistance from Jacob. 

Ever since then, I've been thinking of painting the crib white. The dresser is white, as well as Emma's twin, so I wanted everything to match. So naturally, I got on Pinterest and looked up ways to safely paint a crib. While doing so, I kept thinking about how much I just wanted to buy a new crib but I knew it wasn't in the budget, especially since we had just purchased a twin bed frame, mattress, bedding & sheets, and a dresser already. 

Then on Thursday, I suddenly remembered something about a recall. I had read up on it and the company said the drop down part of the crib was unsafe and they would sent us a kit so we could repair it. I thought that was ridiculous! And now, after lots of research, I did not want to paint that crib! I wanted a new one! 

So yesterday I printed off all the recall information, took apart the entire crib and loaded it in the car. Off to Target we went! I was determined to get a new one! Sure enough, they read the information, took my crib, and gave me a nice Target gift card for the amount! Sweet! My hard work paid off. I found a new WHITE crib, just like a wanted, and it was actually $30 cheaper than my gift card. Unfortunately, they did not have my crib in stock. 

Meanwhile, the furniture store called to say Emma's mattress and twin bed were in! We left Target and headed straight there, where they proceeded to strap the mattress and bed on top of our car. I was crazy! After that, I realized that there was plenty of space in the backseat for the crib as well and the Target that has it in stock in only a few miles away from the furniture store. Yep..we're crazy! We headed off to Target with a mattress and bed strapped on top, picked up the crib and barely fit in the back seat. The target worker probably thought I was insane! 

After that chaos, we headed straight, praying that the bed wouldn't fall off the car. I was so worried about that! We made it home safe, with the bed and mattress still intact. I unloaded the top of the car and managed to squeeze the crib out of the backseat. Talmage and I slid the crib box inside, where I then put it together. I was excited! I can't believe I did all this myself, with 2 kids! 

Just as I finished the crib, it was time to pick Jacob up from work. We picked up a few things from Target with my leftover money from the gift card. :) And together, we finished putting the room together. Jacob brought the mattress and bed frame inside for me. We finally finished the room! I love it! I can't wait to add a few more touches to it!

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