Monday, August 27, 2012

Talmage's Birthday Party

Talmage's BATMAN Birthday Party
Saturday, August 25

On Saturday, Talmage had his first friend birthday party. He was so excited! I started planning and crafting about 2 weeks ahead of time. I wanted his party to be fun, cool, unique, and budget friendly. That meant making mostly everything. It was tiring but a lot of fun!

The Invite:


I made the Batman/Robin logo banner
I also tried to recreate Gotham City along the walls.

We used a lot of his Batman toys, since he has so many, to add to the decor.
 The kids loved playing with his "cool" Batman stuff. 
We gave him this tall Batman the morning of his party, as an early Birthday gift.

Here's the first game we played: Pin the Bat on Batman. I used a black poster board, had Talmage lay down on it, and traced around him. Then, of course, I added the Batman ears.

Kitchen/Cutout decor

I made this banner by hand, meaning I cut out each letter and pendent. 
I wish I had a Silhouette machine!

More toys on display

A dozen balloons

Cake display

And here's my lovely pinata. I really wanted a pinata for his party but wasn't willing to spend $30 or so plus the cost of candy. So, I made it. It took a few hours but it only cost 50 cents...sweet!

Here's the table. I forgot to take a picture of what was on the table.
We displayed the Batman masks across the table and had Batman coloring pages for the kids to do while they were gathering. We also had a Batman cartoon playing as well.

So here's a close-up of the masks I made. 
I used felt and black elastic. 
It was so fun to see everyone be Batman!

The Batman Birthday Boy

I made his cape the night before so he'd be stylin' for the party.
And can't forget Batgirl. I also made Emma her very first cape. 
She just loves it!

My pretty Bat Girl...isn't she adorable!

Coloring Batman

Watching Batman, waiting for everyone to come.

Here's the party crew, minus two kids who came late.

About to light the candles and sing...

Here's the craft we did: Batman Lollipops
We made Batman lollipops, complete with a felt cape, Batman logo, and a mask. 
The kids LOVED it! And so did I!

Activity: Mr. Freeze froze Batman/Robin
The kids had to use squirt guns to unfreeze and save them! 
It was so fun!

Party Schedule:
Watched Batman cartoon/color a Batman page
Pin the bat symbol on Batman
Made Batman lollipops
Mr. Freeze froze Batman/Robin
Cake/Ice Cream


debrajo said...

Wow! Your party looks like it was AWESOME! And good job on the pinata! I recently learned how to make pinatas, too. It's actually pretty fun!

Drew Watts said...

Yay! Batman! My son got so excited to see this blog. It is very cute, I have also booked a fine event venue for my son’s birthday party and I think he will love the batman theme a lot now. I am grateful to you for sharing this wonderful post here.