Sunday, April 21, 2013


March 12, 2013
3 months old
Ellie is smiling lots now and her cute personality is shining through! She's starting to pack on the chubs too. We love it! She's still trying to figure out her sleep schedule and continues to wake up through the night. But that's ok, she's still young. She's also not the average little baby. Her tummy gives her little pains called reflux and colic. No fun! But I think she'll eventually outgrow this since everyday seems just a tiny bit better than before.
And BIG news for Ellie girl...she got her ears pierced!! I love them! And she looks even more girly!

These two pictures were at the doctor's office a few days before we pierced her ears.
{March 7}

She is now 13lbs 2oz  which puts her in the 62 percentile for weight!
We are loving her little baby rolls!

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