Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ellie is 4 months old!

4 Months
Ellie Marie
weight:  14lbs 12oz {65%tile}
length:   23.5in        {15%tile}
Babbling &Cooing
Enjoys the Bumbo more & more
LOVES her binkie
Starting to laugh
Grabbing and holding objects
Pulls Mommy & Emma's hair
Rolling 3/4 of the way over (not fully yet)
Smiling LOTS
Smiling at funny faces
Eye contact across the room
3-4 naps a day
Sleeping up to 6 hours (and many times, less than that)
Getting lots of chubs and rolls (we LOVE it!)
Started Rice Cereal (on 4.22.13)
Nurses every 2 hours, unless taking a nap, for about 10-15 minutes total
Still taking Mylicon for her Colic tummy (and it's working!)
Reflux is getting better and better (less throwing up)
 She's discovered her tongue
& loves to stick it all the way out!

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