Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It was soooo cold today! It came out of no where! I had Talmage in shorts this morning and quickly changed him to sweat pants and a matching sweat shirt. I can't believe I'm dressing him in winter clothes already! It's so nice!

This morning was our walk-through for our house. It was exciting yet depressing. Our house will be OFFICIALLY done on Monday, November 2. But, sadly, we won't be getting our keys on that day. The mortgage company and Fulton homes are still figuring out our appraisal situation. Not fun! We still don't have a clue when we will close. It's so hard...knowing our house is done and just waiting for us and there's nothing we can do about it! But, alas, we shall move in soon enough. And I will definately update when we do!

Oh yes, and Talmage is sick today. I think he has a tummy ache so he's been fussy all day. But, he's been cuddly too which ahs been fun. He does not have an appetite and has eaten very little today. Tonight he seems to be acting a little bit more like normal so we'll see how tomorrow goes!

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