Thursday, October 29, 2009

House Update!

Ok so today we heard the final news. As you know, an appraisal was done on our house and came in $4000 under our purchase price. Since Fulton homes didn't want to lower our price, they did a reconsideration on the appraisal. And guess came back at the same price. So they did one final reconsideration to see if they could bring up the price. And...still the same price. As a result, they gave up and lowered our purchase price $4000 to meet the appraisal. Hurray!

Our loan documents have now been sent to the underwriters as of this afternoon. In two business days they will tell us if they need anymore information. Then 5 business days after that, we will sign our closing documents. Then 5 more business days after that, we get our keys!! Phew! What a long process. Our house is finished and it's hard just sitting around waiting for everything to go through.

But we are excited!!! This is wonderful wonderful news!!

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