Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Handsome Hubby

I know this blog is mostly focused on Talmage so I wanted to share some things about Jacob. Here are only some of the many things I love about him!

1. He is my eternal companion.
2.He keeps happy and always has me laughing.
3.He tells cheesy jokes and thinks they are funny.
4. He loves coming home to play with Talmage.
5. Will eat ANYTHING I cook.
6. He got his eagle.
7. He's almost always the one reminding us to have scripture study and prayer.
8. He makes sure he is holding my hand when we pray.
9. He collects dvd's.
10. He loves cheese crisps on Sunday.
11. I love his hands and the way he holds mine.
12. He is so so smart! He always answers my questions, even if they are dumb!
13. He's always looking for the good in EVERYTHING!
14. Appreciates me for the small things.
15. He loves to cuddle with me.
16. He always has good advice.
17. He's always doing impression of famous people.
18. He loves to put cottage cheese on anything and everything.
19. He's always there to give me a blessing when I need one.
20. always has the best surprises.
21. He works so hard to provide for our family and never complains.
22. i love his spontaneous ideas.
23. He can fall asleep as soon as he lays down.
24. He loves everyone.
25. He loves kids! At every family event, you can find him playing with his nieces and nephews!
26. He gets so excited about little things!
27. Loves to have fun!
28. Always puts me first.
29. He's very romantic and thoughtful.
30. He wants a big family.
31. He is our only provider and makes sure he makes enough money so I can stay home with Talmage.
32. He is so handsome!
33. Best daddy ever!
34. Loves to be with his family!
35. Loves to stay up late with me and watch Dick Van Dyke shows.
36. Loves to budget and come up with savings plans.
37. He's very complimentary!
38. Calls me hunny.

...And so so so much more!!

I love you hubby! You're the greatest! My one and only forever and ever and ever! Kisses!


The Montgomerys said...

I love the part where he always holds your hands when you say prayers together, that is so awesome!

Danielle and Trenton said...

You guys are so cute! Your little family is just adorable.

Mark said...

Hmm... sounds exactly like I remember him (except for the holding hands and eternal companion part; we never held hands). Hahaha, I'm glad I found you blog, Jacob and wife!