Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Lewis' Lately...

It's been awhile since I've updated...sorry. I've just been too lazy to upload pictures to the computer. Here are a few updates and things we've been doing...

1. Jacob is back to normal now!

2. Talmage is soooooooo close to walking. He takes a step or two here ad there but nothing yet. Here is a video of him a few wekks ago pushing a chair around the kitchen. This is one of his favorit activities.

3. We are closing on our house on November 2! Yay! It is so close to being done. Our cabinets are even in! LOVE it!

4. Talmage and I went over to my friend Clarissa's house. Talmage played with her little girl, Bou while Clarissa helped me sew a cute little teddy bear for Talmage! I love how it turned out! I couldn't have done it without Clarissa though!

5.Talmage has been watching "Your Baby Can Read" dvds and has learned so much! He's learned arms up, arms down, waving, and can say cat. And he's only been doing this for 5 days!

6. And I've lost 6 lbs and 7 inches total from working out everyday. I love it! I wanted to be as fit as possible to prepare me for the next pregnancy. No, I'm not pregnant but maybe soon. We'll see what the Lord has planned for our family. I can't wait for Talmage to have a playmate though! He absolutely LOVES kids and babies. It's so cute!

7.And here are some fun pictures I've taken of Talmage lately.

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Our Family Creed said...

that bear you made is adorable! great job! and six pounds is a ton to lose - hurrah! i wish i could do that. i love all the pictures, they are so cute. cangrats on your house. will it be finished on time? isn't it suppose to be done at the end of this month? where is it at? we need to get together sometime soon!