Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Today I officially weigh one pound less than I did the day we got married! Woo hoo! But, I don't feel like I look as good as I did then. Having a baby kind of changes your body! Oh yea, and I am down 14 pounds from the time I found out I was pregnant. CRAZY! I can't believe I really weighed that much when I first got pregnant. I guess love and marriage can do that to you. Anyways, I just wanted to give an update. I'm so excited and am so glad I finally found a workout routine that WORKS! No extreme dieting or anything...just working out and trying to eat healthy. I just wish I would've found out about this a year ago!


The Montgomerys said...

Cool, I have lost 5-7 pounds the last month too! I too am just eating healthy and exercising an hour 6 times a week. It really helps to eat right. Congrats! I am so proud that you aren't starving yourself as so many women do.

Lori and Trevor said...

good job! what work out program is it? I need to get with it and loose baby #2 weight now. your house looks so cute too, that is so exciting.