Sunday, March 4, 2012

2nd T-Ball Game

2nd T-Ball Game

I forgot our camera for Talmage's 1st T-ball so here's his 2nd one! Talmage's team is the green team! Everyone's shirts are the same but his team has green sleeves. He improved a lot from his first game. His swing was really strong and he ran the bases a lot faster this time! In the outfield, his position was shortstop (between 2nd and 3rd base). The 1st game he played shortstop and 3rd base. Papa was able to come to his game this time and was out there in the field helping! Talmage loved having Papa there to help! He got the ball three times this game too! I think he's really starting to get the hang of the game!

Talmage & Coach Ty taking a practice swing!

About to hit the ball


Here's a video of Talmage running HOME!

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