Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She's 15 months!

Our Sweet Baby Girl
{15 months old}

Isn't she beautiful?!
15 month stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 10 oz {26%}
Height: 29.25 in {11.5%}
She's so petite & I love it!

Emma turned 15 months old on March 12th.  If you've seen the video, a few posts back, you'll know that she is starting to walk.  Her record is about 4-5 steps in a row.  I love excited she gets when she stands and takes a few steps.  She's always looking to make sure we are watching.  Then she laughs while walking because she thinks it's so cool!  I just adore her!  

Emma has had quite the battle with various sicknesses so far in her short life, which is odd because I nursed her until she was 13 months old.  Nothing at all serious, but still enough to make her fussy and uncomfortable.  Starting with a few days old, she had a yeast infection, followed by RSV.  Then she had reflux for about 8 months.  Brother tipped a cart that she was in and bruised her head.  She's also had the flu a few times and finally, the ear infections.  

Talmage was sick with a runny nose and the flu.  He then passed it on to Emma, which turned into an ear infection.  This happened around September 2011.  After 4 -5 antibiotics and 3 rounds of the shots, she still had an ear infection.  By December, the pediatrician had exhausted all his resources.  We were then sent to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor to have another look.  They were finally able to get rid of the infection but there was still fluid in her ear.  This posed a high risk of contracting yet another infection and having to go through months of more medication.  As a result of the fluid, her hearing was slightly impaired and she constantly pulling on her ears, crying, and uncomfortable.  Our last and final treatment was ear tubes, which were put in on February 15, 2012.  We just saw the specialist and everything looks great!  Absolutely no fluid or infection!  Yay!  

I was excited to get this ear infection journey over!  Emma is not a sleeper and never has been but secretly, I was hoping that the tubes would miraculously change that.  Nope it didn't but at it did miraculous cure her infections and pain, which is all that really matters!  

Now being 15 months old, here are some of her habits, abilities, and interests:
*uses a sippy cup, straw and regular cup (she never used a bottle, lucky me!)
*taken her first steps (yay!!)
*sings along with music & during church with the hymns
*is always dancing to music (even with background music in a restaurant or store)
*talks all the time, especially to brother
*words: daddy, mommy, hey, hi, bye, uh-oh, what, thank you, & a bunch of jibber jabber
*loves to watch videos of her and/or brother
*loves to play with brother
*loves her dollies (holds, hugs & kisses them)
*now has long enough hair in the back to do piggy tails and just enough in the front for a little bow
*favorite color is pink
*loves to talk on the phone & text
*loves anything & everything girly
*loves to play with jewelry and wear jewelry too! (she keeps necklaces on all day)
*loves to play the piano
*laughs all the time at brother
*always goes up the slide and then slides down on her tummy
*loves to cuddle
*sleeping pattern: 1 nap a day for about 45 min tops & 10 hours at night (told you she wasn't a sleeper!)
*loves snacks
*likes to do things on her own now, she's getting independent!
*loves Peekaboo! (or as we call it, "Where's Emma")
*loves to play hide-and-seek with brother (She's so good that sometimes he actually can't find her!)
*loves my makeup (probably a little too much...it's her favorite!)
*likes to comb her own hair
*loves shoes and tries to put on her own shoes, as well as brothers!
*crazy climber, always following after brother!

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