Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Picture Day

March 23, 2012
Pictures of the Kids

I decided to pull out my camera and take some random pics of the kids.  I feel like I only take pictures if there's a reason or special occasion so today I took shots of an ordinary day.

I told Talmage to smile and he did a tight lip smile.  Then I said,  "Smile with your teeth!" And that's how the picture turned out...a fake teeth smile!  Too cute!

Emma loves pictures and she also loves my phone...calling & texting!

These two pictures capture our daily life perfectly!! Talmage is an acrobat!  He jumps onto and off of almost everything! He loves the couch to do big jumps and flips. In these pictures, he is flipping onto the couch from the floor.  Crazy boy!

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