Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Little Organizer

March 23, 2012
He's an Organizer too!

I cleaned out the fridge, wiped it down, and organized it the other night. 
The next morning, Talmage opens the fridge and says, 
"Wow mommy! You organized it! I like it." 
Yes! I am doing something right when Talmage can tell an organized fridge from a messy one. 

I've also found his action figures lying on the couch in organized groups.  I love how he gets excited when things are cleaned and organized.  He notices when I rearrange things.  

Also, a week or so ago, I bought some new clothes for both Talmage and Emma.  While I was making dinner, he took the shirts and shorts out the bag and sorted the shirts, the shorts, and put the colors together.  Then he called me over and said excitedly, "Look Mommy! I organized them!"

On Friday night, during his bath, he did this!  I didn't even notice it until I went back in the bathroom to clean up the toys.  What can I say...I'm so proud of my little organizer! 

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